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EntertainmentEverything you need to know about the Vikings series

Everything you need to know about the Vikings series

In this article, we take a comprehensive look at all the information we have about the Vikings: Valhalla series; A series that is considered a spin-off of the Walking series. Be with Euro international News .

If you are a fan of TV series and especially series with historical stories, you have probably watched the Vikings series. A series that deals with the history of the Vikings and depicts the details of their lives. From the first day of its release, the Vikings  became very popular all over the world, and this popularity grew more and more season by season. As you probably know, the last season of this series was released a while ago, so that the Walking series will end in the form of 6 seasons after airing 89 episodes of it.

However, the end of this series is considered a sad subject for its countless fans in the world, but according to the newly released news, they can soon see this big and very exciting world again. Vikings: Valhall is the title of a series that is a  spin  -off for the popular Vikings series and is set to air on the Netflix streaming network this year. For this reason, in this article, we decided to review all the information available from the Viking series to see what the future of the Viking series will be like. 

Michael Hurst, creator of the Vikings series

Creator of the Vikings series: Valhalla

Netflix’s new original spin-off series, Vikings: Valhalla, will be produced and screened by Michael Hurst, just like the popular Vikings series. The series will be produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television, but an exact release date has not yet been announced. Michael Hurst gave an interesting explanation about the series in an interview and talked about its size and scale compared to the Vikings series. He gave an overview in this interview so that we can guess what series we will face, Hurst said in this interview:

Vikings Series Scale: Valhalla could not be larger than the final episodes of the Vikings series. The scale of the battles and the size of the Vikings’s armies are so great that it is really impossible to get on their hands and produce a series on a larger scale than that, but it is still not 100% clear and everything can change big and small in the production and filming stages. A large part of this series will be filmed in the same locations as the Vikings series, and we will also see the places we saw in that series in Vikings: Valhalla. We will go to Katgat again in this series; A city that can be described as the heart and soul of Viking life.

Of course, we should not forget that due to the storyline of this series, we will face a different category, this city has expanded and become larger in the time line related to this series than the Vikings series. Katgat is one of the largest ports in Europe, and in the storyline of this series, not only has it grown in size, but it has also grown significantly in terms of urban importance. One of the most important events in this story is the king of England becoming a Viking and joining the Vikings. The Vikings conquered much of England and Normandy.

Also in this series, Jeb Stewart will be present as a writer. The author we know for writing in major films such as The Fugitive (1993) and Die Hard (1988). He is also currently working on a work called The Liberator, a product produced on the Netflix network.

An edited image of a battle in the Vikings series

Vikings: Valhalla story line details 

As mentioned earlier, the storyline of Vikings: Valhalla is different from that of Vikings. The events of this new series take place 100 years after the timeline of the Vikings series. As the Viking generation draws to a close, the British Empire stands up to the Scandinavian looters. After the death of King Edward, three different rulers in England are trying to get the kingdom, and this causes the history of England to change forever. In a recent interview, Michael Hurst explained the similarities between the two series and confirmed that in Vikings: Valhalla we will see the places and themes we saw in Vikings, he said in this interview:

Jeb Stewart is doing a great job for the story of Viking: Valhalla. He intends to connect the story details of the two series with great attention to topics such as mythology and personality. For example, when people in the series gather in the great hall of Katgat, they talk about the great people who previously sat on the throne. There is talk of people like Regnar Lathbrook, Outside Ironside, and Boneless Ivar, who are now the mythical characters in the series’s Vikings: Valhalla, and this connection can have a profound effect on the new series.

This connection can provide your viewers with a complete and complete history, so if you watch the Vikings: Valhalla series, if you have seen the Vikings series, you will no longer need to know who Regnar was and what he did. However, the presence of these people in the story of the series can make this work much richer, and people who have forgotten the stories of these characters, can get good information about them by watching the Vikings series.

If some of the audience has not watched the previous series, questions arise for them, questions such as whether they would like to know what Regnar was like and whether he is a great person as people talk about him. Or why these people have become the myths of the Viking generation? Well, by watching the previous series, they can answer these questions, and this issue can establish a beautiful and very useful relationship between the two series.

The main actors of the vikings series: valhalla

Actors and Directors of Vikings: Valhalla

In January 2021 (December of last year), Deadline Media named 10 actors in the series who will play the main and supporting roles, and also examined the details of their roles in the series Valhala. The list includes actors such as Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson, Frida Gustavson as Fridtis Eriksodotier, Leo Sutter as Harald Hardrada, Bradley Freigard as King Canot, Johannes Johansson as Olaf Haraldson, Lauro Azderman, Oaks was cast as Earl Goodwin and Caroline Henderson as Earl Hawken. The article also mentions that the characters of Leif Eriksson, Friedis Eriksdottir, Harald Hardrada and William Fattel, who are all real people in Viking history, will be the protagonists of this series.

If we pass from the actors of the series, we will reach the directing team of this series. Among the directors of this series, there are some interesting names that promise a high quality series to the fans of the Viking world. Steve Leger, one of the directors of the Vikings series, is set to direct three episodes of Vikings: Valhalla. Along with him, the Danish director Niels Oplo, winner of the BAFTA Award, who has directed in the series Mr. Robot will be in the directing team of this series. Also, Hannah Quinn is considered to be another director whose presence in the directing team of Vikings: Valhalla series has been confirmed.

Along with the directors of this series, we should mention the assassination of Morris, the composer of the sixth season of the Vikings series, who is supposed to be in charge of composing the soundtrack for the new series of this exciting world.

The character of Regnar Lathbrook and his brother in one of the plains of the Vikings series

Steps of making this series 

Pre-production on Vikings: Valhalla began in early 2020, but stopped at the same stage due to an outbreak of the Corona virus. Fortunately, the pre-production stages of the series resumed in July 2020, and filming resumed in August 2020 at Ashford Studios in Ireland. Exact information is not available when the filming of this series will end, but according to its creators, the filming of this product will take about seven or eight months. Also, according to the details that we know about this series, the production stages of the second season will be done simultaneously, and after the end of the first season, its production stages will be completed.

On October 8, 2020, according to The Irish Times, the filming of Vikings: Valhalla was halted due to a positive corona virus test by several members of the series production team. However, after a few days and the announcement that the positive tests were wrong and that none of the members of the production team were infected with Covid 19, the filming of the series resumed. In March 2021, a few weeks ago, Breaking News.ie reported that the filming of the series had stopped again. The coronavirus is counted again.

The opening credits of the Vikings series and a view of Viking boats

Number of episodes of Vikings: Valhalla

With the approval of Netflix, 24 episodes of this series have been put on the agenda so far. If you are familiar with Netflix, you know that 24 episodes per season are very important in this network, and this stream-based network usually does not continue the seasons of its various series for more than 13 episodes. In the final Vikings season, we saw that the episodes of this season aired in two separate episodes and there was a gap between them, so we can expect exactly the same from Vikings: Valhalla that the first and second seasons each have 12 episodes. Considering that according to the creators of the series, the second season is also under construction, we can expect that these 24 episodes are not only related to the first season of the series.

Garlic character or the same fortune teller in the vikings series

Familiar faces of the Vikings series

Related articles:

 As we mentioned before, the story of this series is related to 100 years before the story of the Vikings series, and for this reason, almost all the characters and actors of the Vikings series will not be present in Vikings: Valhalla. However, the character of Seer, or the forerunner of the Vikings series, will once again play the role of the same character in the series Valhala, playing the role of John Kavanagh. John Kavanagh played the role of the character of Garlic in all 6 seasons of the Vikings series, and now he will play this role in this new series as well. 

John Kavanagh is not the only Vikings actor to appear in Vikings: Valhalla. Along with her, actors such as Karen Connell, Basco Hogan and Gon O’Connor Duffy are other actors who, in addition to the Vikings, will also star in the series Vikings: Valhalla. Connell will play the role of the Angel of Death in the Vikings series, and in the new series he will play the same character again, but Basco Hogan and Gon O’Connor Duffy will play completely different roles than in the previous series.


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